If problems occur you can quickly check if the correct versions are installed by indicating the driver data. Of course, further variables of different types can be created and used according to the same scheme. Here you can set a new password or change an already existing one. Name and password Take notice of case sensitivity. But you have to use a cross-over cable not supplied. Wenn kein weiterer Master z.

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Properties, local connection The driver-sided settings are complete now. This function can be used in a physical network segment only. Autobaud function deactivated, Profibus Unfortunately, the active LED just cacon but no communication is possible via my visualization system.

Marker byte 0 configured There are active Master and passive Slave participants. The target PLC with which should be communicated has the Profibus address Betlink have to de-energize all system components before installing new equipment.


Deltalogic ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact PRO Ethernet-MPI/DP adapter used | eBay

Step7 from version 5. In this example the adapter has the IP Address of Using network-related settings the transfer rate and the highest node address have to meet that of the automation system which is responded to. For Netlimk the appropriate value should be read from the Profibus project.

Kunden haben sich ebenfalls angesehen. Select a valid country. From a user’s view neetlink bus systems only differ in the selectable transfer rates. The web interface should provide the user with information and support him when doing configuration tasks. Will post to United States. My PC has a firewall which ports do I have to release? Read item description or contact seller for postage options.

Language settings Switching the language You can choose between German and English. It is important that they only can be entered with a tool or a key by authorized or instructed staff. You have to indicate the corresponding rack and slot number for the respecting PLC. The PPI communication is supported from version 2.


Every sccon must have its own port address. Then you can choose if the NetLink should go online with the found or the stored bus parameters. There are a couple of key steps to configuring this adapter to enable it to work with the Siemens PLC.

But the respective password is required. Back to eBay Home. The Basic Configuration panel will be displayed upon successful login.

Connection via hub or switch The switch is located in the hardware configuration of any Profibus interface. From this site rudimental TCP security settings can be carried out. According to IEEE the length between two ethernet stations must not exceed nnetlink. Rack 0, Slot 2. Here are a few suggestions: