Oct 25, 2: I had heard from someone at tascam that the FW does not like the conversion from to I think will work with Jcbr7, a couple of questions: While using your Saffire Pro 40 as the primary audio interface, have you set up the Tascam as an aggregate? I am hoping that the fw willl work with Mac OS No, create an account now.

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tascam fw (?) macos9 compatible

Hey jcb7r, thank you mav much for taking the time to go into the details. I’ve been told you can slave the Tascam to the Safire, but the Tascam driver is so laggy that I’ve never tried. MadgearNov 15, The firewire light doesn’t turn on or anything I’ll post my results as well.

I have yet to try it with Mavericks, should be able to test it around thanksgiving. Oct 25, 2: Now, uninstall the drivers. Ask a question Reset.

using FW1884 with mac 10.8

Plug in FW in the computer, start the computer, turn on FW However, in regards to your question about the bit driver issue the FW works fine on my bit version of snow leopard. Tascam or Frontier is on another boat altogether, fair enough they stop producing and deem “obsolete” one of their products, but the FW is at least a semi-pro machine, lettin’ it go without support Mac doesn’t seem a very “pro” move, nor a customer caring one Still no update for Mac OS I haven’t bought a recording software yet I’m thinking logicso do I need to be in the recording software for the firewire light to turn on and be recognized by my computer?


I’m after this matter also on Tascam Forums: I just upgraded to OS I’ll look into a firewire bus, as this is propbably the main reason my iMac failed to recognize the Tascam in the first instance.

I’m willing to have another go at it, I search the net every now and then to see if somebody’s has come up with a solution; I’ll report whatever positives should I encounter.

Sorry, I have not had the chance to work with it.

TASCAM – A whole world of recording

However, went into System details and noticed its not just Tascam thats affected, its Firewire in general. Lastly, which FW bus is working for you? Thank you so far. User profile for user: I’m wondering the same thing whether it will work with Madgear, I responded to this in you apple support post mav Thanks in advance for your reply.

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And FW works just fine. I’ll have a go at the HUI mode once they’ll have a couple of things sorted out see my previous post ; I could still be using it as a pretty nice control interface and might even route some signal thru Spdif into the Focusrite. Did you, by the way, downloaded the Tascam driver at all? Its all apparently due to drivers which no one is updating – grrr.


Tascam FW/Maverick – Apple Community

They fw1848 new 64 bit windows drivers but not for mac OS. Now I don’t know why I decided to this next bit but I did.

Pretty sure that if you use fw884 PC, you need the Texas Instruments FW chipset in your hardware, I think all the Macs do but that might be just the earliest FW version without any firmware updates. Like I say this may just solve my problems, it may posted elsewhere on the net, but maybe it will also stop your FW being an expensive paperweight!!

I’m posting my reply here as well: