This little phone keeps up with the big boys! It sits alongside the ‘king of thin’ RAZR and slimmer-still candy bar-style SLVR to complete a trio of supermodels, each with something distinct and desirable to boast about. And when it does open, the top flips so quickly that novices can struggle just to hold onto it—meaning that some phones hit the floor before they were even up and running. The 9 most powerful depictions of cities in What a time to be alive. So mechanical engineer Brian Hassemer tried solving the problem by combining elements from a flip and another phone type, a slider.

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But it can not be use with ATT because this phone does not have band this phone is very cool, but the video call does not work with Tmobile.

Plus, it featured a beautiful marketing campaign that we will share with you in this post. But let’s not lose sight motto what the PEBL has also been designed for: So mechanical engineer Brian Hassemer tried solving the problem by combining elements from a flip and another phone type, a slider. Two other keys on the left also provide quick access to menu options.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. There’s a lot that you can do to customise your phone — as well as 39 different polyphonic ringtones, including Peb tunes, you can compose your own with Motorola’s iMelody, which is fun. Also, closing the phone would require two steps, which violated a key design value, simplicity. Design, after all, is no less important than marketing, sales, engineering, and the rest.


Views Read Edit View history. Even the overall design itself noto become a liability if it becomes too ubiquitous. See details for description of any imperfections. Rebels penl the classic arcade space shoot ’em up graphics are not bad and it’s fun for a while. The phone was made available in the first half of So far, so good.

It’s not mot a mobile phone is the lucky recipient of such compliments, but this little delight will definitely help you make friends and influence people. Just how that sketch became a cell phone reveals much about the cultural and strategic evolution now taking place at Motorola.

Even when designers did participate, they were at a disadvantage. In contrast to many other products with a one line external display, the external screen is mounted vertically, rather than horizontally.

Motorola PEBL U6

Around the same time, Wicks and his team arrived at some core principles—surprise, honesty, richness, and simplicity—to better define what makes a handset unique to Motorola. Design Paradise or dystopia? By Chuck Salter long Read.

But looks are just the start — wait until you peep under the bonnet. The Pebl U6 was announced in early Analysts speculated whether it should sell its handset division altogether. Chuck Salter csalter mtoo. The upcoming second-generation Rokr already has a rounder profile inspired by the Pebl; another phone incorporates its rubbery finish.


Motorola PEBL

Making and receiving calls is a doddle, with call quality easily up to spec. But the research can tell designers only so much. The handset-to-handset combat intensified late last year with the first wave of Razr imitators. Retrieved from ” https: Shortly before the new colors became available, Motorola commissioned photographer David LaChapelle to capture the new Pebl phones in a colourful photo shoot.

Retro Phone Review: Motorola PEBL | TechRadar

It scored big in with the StarTac, which sold an estimated 75 million units, but by Nokia was No. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Motorola Consumer Cellular Smartphones Black. As is unfortunately still the way, style came at the cost of substance, so although the Peb PEBL was a looker – for its time — it lacked a megapixel camera.