Find More Posts by J-Style. I live in Vegas so it really doesn’t rain that much but the first thing I was planning on changing was the wheels and tires and I don’t wanna blow through tires like crazy. Originally Posted by steve shadows. Other than that it works. Your sx can be daily-driven with a welded differential, but it will make some noise. I couldn’t have said it better myself, that is exactly how it is, for myself. LA and OC Posts:

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Looking at getting a one piece driveshaft. However, we will have to discuss the preservation of everything else. The wheels are traveling at the same speed, but along different radii, which causes the inside wheel to shake, hop, and break loose at low speeds.

Readers Reviews: Daily Driving a Welded Differential

So even though the regular selded is gonna suck, just remember to hoon your missile whenever you can, make it worthwhile for yourself. My welded diff had been used for 3 years prior to me. If you want to be super hardcore in preserving your tires, you may resort to using the oncoming lane to get the best possible racing line through every corner.

Originally Posted by OperationSr Prepare to buy a lot of tires. I went to the junk yard the other day and my buddy and I found a welded differential, took it out and bought it. Be careful about the dailu ratio, though. I don’t go through tires too bad either.


Readers Reviews: Daily Driving a Welded Differential

Sign in to your Car Throttle account Before you sign in Please confirm you agree to the use of tracking cookies as outlined in the Cookies Policy. I’ve been dailying my welded for over two years. Can always swap it out for a standard pumpkin should you hate it. Welding a differential is typically done to a drift-use car, and is unfavorable to daily-driving conditions. LSD’s are great but everytime I save for one i spend it on power or suspension. Forget the Toyota Prius.

Nissan SX Performance Modification/Differential – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Originally Posted by DoriKnights. If you are a street drifter and looking to weld your differential, but are worried about all the stuff people on the internet tell you, I am here to tell you to not worry. As for tire I’ve ran kummo ecstas and potenza G Wouldn’t get one from a fucking junkyard dailg, who knows what kind of jackass welded it.

Find More Posts by LongGrain. You’ll only notice anything at low speed turns.

Nissan 240SX Performance Modification/Differential

And I think it’s great when you’re in a parking lot chirping your tires and all the ricers look at you like your car is a pos. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


I plan on putting my vlsd back welded is only good for track use. Find More Posts by Sean There are a number of wet clutch plates close together and when the power needs to be transferred the clutch plates lock together helping the power get to the wheel with more traction.

If you don’t like it, sell the car and stick to Hondas I’m just assuming you come from that crowd, or Eclipses or Agoura Hills, CA Age: Much more predictable, rain is fun, havnt tried snow yet. LOL yeah cus switching your pumpkin like once a month wont get old fast Policies and guidelines Contact us.

Originally Posted by J-Style I am friends with a bunch of guys that run welded differentials and they all love ’em. The S14 only has a 2 bolt rear cover while the S13 has a 4 bolt. I’ve had no problem in the rain, aside from having a little too much fun from time to time.