There are two screws on the back of the printer and two screws on the inside of the front panel under the printer cover. Click the Utility icon. Thanks for the help! In my case head showed reasonable signs of ink flow onto loo roll, besides which the whole print head area was very gunky and conglealed so gave that a thorough clean up. For more information on how we use cookies and how to manage your preferences go to Cookie Information. Return back to support options for Epson Stylus C Blocked nozzles Vertical banding can be caused by blocked nozzles on the print head.

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We respect your privacy. Much to my surprise, the hoses blew apart again, leaving a pretty good mess with ink splatters. If not, read on. In the window that appears,click on the Maintenance or Utility tab.

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These practices are not necessarily taken by third party manufacturers. For more information on how Epson treats your personal data, please read our Privacy Information Statement. I concur – fixed mine by reconnecting the hoses. This assures instant full functionallity and removes all the dry ink bits Third party brands of printing papers are not wholly compatible with the printer.


I am not a repairer by trade though, but it has been successful for pribt. Did you find this article helpful Yes No Thanks for leaving feedback.

Thanks for the help! Register The fields marked with an asterisk are required fields. Not signed in yet? Finally came across a rather obscure post about a guy with a C84 who had virtually atomised his printer trying to find a fault, which finally pointed to a tiny panel-mounted fuse on the main control board being blown.

Epson Stylus C84 – Epson

The pad itself is on a ‘drawer’ that slides to the right of the printer, so you can access underneath it. When cleaning around circuit boards with water dry them thoroughly and leave for hours in the warm before powering up or partial shorts will occur and maybe blow something up – water is slightly electrically conductive. This will help your determine if any of the nozzles are blocked.

Epson Stylus C82 solution: Matte Paper Heavy Weight.

Register now We respect your privacy. X Windows 7 bit Windows 7 bit Windows 8. If prompted, select your printer from the printer list. Find a repair centre close.

Black dots down image or text. If the printer is not on a level surface, the print head may not move back and forth effectively which could result in banding on images and text. So its quite possible that your printer was going a bit streaky and crap and needing lots of head cleans etc, in the run up to total failure.


I recommend that you do a general search on the “fixyourownprinter. I re-connected to my PC, ran a nozzle check, and voila, it prints. For more information and for registration, please click here. Clear the High Speed check box from the Advanced window of the printer driver.

To ensure you get the best quality results from your Epson printer, we recommend using Epson media. Your email address or other details will never be shared with any 3rd parties and you will receive only the type of content for which you signed up.

Epson C84 prints blank pages

I was then able to use a pair of needlenose pliers and a pair epdon tweezers to put these 2 hoses back together again.

In my case ink was moving OK. It took about 2 hours to figure out how to get it apart and find the problem, but, now my printer is functional again.