The HEL80 is one of the best built notebooks currently on the market, and is an ideal, mid-range system for gamers and power users with a need for portability. The system is a joy to use, and I received a compliment from everyone I showed it to. In the spirit of this review I did some overclocking. The only warm spots on the HEL80 are the touchpad and the area to the left of it. My ear was very close to the S key before I noticed it. The second problem was the CPU.

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I expected more of an increase in overclocked gaming performance based on the large increase in nel80 scores. TonyNov 25, There are 1 items available.

The warranty is two years, handled by Intel. No corners were cut in putting this together, and attention to detail is superb. The touchpad zound to be manually disabled every time the system is started and can be a hassle.

Games are very enjoyable, and I did not notice any distortion while playing with maximum volume. Nov 11, Messages: It has some evidence of interference, but no hissing.

Compal HEL80 Review (pics, specs)

The only parts which caused problems for me were the keyboard hel880 plug which connects it to the system is a bit confusing if you’ve never done it before and the bluetooth module not shown in that video. The fingerprint scanner was a feature I did not see myself using when I ordered the skund, but its usefulness came as a pleasant surprise. The HEL80 is actually a touch thinner and just a tad heavier than the 96J with its 6-cell battery.


It takes a day or two to get used to, but after using the system for about a week, I rarely notice that they are switched anymore. Noise is pretty good. You have to enable it from a switch at the front, but that switch is under software control – and only the Windows XP software is provided. Jul 7, Messages: Ohwell, you win some and you lose some. Yes, it is pretty easy.

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This was from Infinity Online like the laptop. The business-class HP nc also meets the requirements of those looking at the HEL80 and 96J, but it is a more expensive option. An external audio solution will easily bypass this issue for audiophiles. I did not feel as if the notebook would overheat at any time. They are essentially the same size and weight.


A few Aound owners have noticed a slight ringing coming out of the processor area while the notebook is on battery power. They seem to have thought about the USB ports.

Please enter 5 or 9 numbers for the ZIP Code. Video quality was good, and it could easily be used in place of an external webcam. The lid is equally well enforced, with much of this due to the fact that it is covered soubd aluminum Although it has a small amount of flex, no ripples appear on the screen unless extreme pressure is used.


Links to four of the more important posts outlining this fix: The buttons are easy to reach and depress. It is made of higher-quality materials and has a better fit and finish than your standard mainstream nel80.

Although I do not play games as often these days, I definitely want the ability to do so. It jets mildly warm air out of the left side, with a smaller vent at the back for added efficiency. The keyboard stays an even temperature in all places. Three external ports, one on the left, two on the right. From the left, there’s the TV output port no cables provided for thata hole for a security cable, the battery, the modem port, and DC input.