Prior to assembly, each joint Pin and Box are machined from high strength steel alloy then heat treated in house to develop a file hard surface and tough core. The support members, the attachment, the idler wheels, and the linkages are arranged to provide concomitant i longitudinal movement of the second support member over a given distance in a given direction relative to the first support member and ii longitudinal movement of the attachment over about twice the given distance in the given direction relative to the first support member. If your project has the need, Holte is set up to manufacture with a quick turnaround time for custom projects. This system of hammering the casing down from the bottom has some limiting factors. Check the tamping butt lock screw, it must be tightened.

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This style will drill faster and straighter than the one side underreamers which swing out on only one side. Method of forming concrete pilings using a reverse circulation drilling system.

Travel Stops Travel stops are attached to the perforator body to restrict the reach of the wheel. Although both Holte UR systems drill the same size hole, the holtte shoe bit system has less surface area contact.

Safety Bolte Your Responsibility. A method of boring a hole in which a down hole hammer is pneumatically operated to form a hole, and a cementous material is injected into the hole through a passage hopte the down hole hammer. Holte stocks a full line of adapters and replacement parts available for same day shipping. Drillers can now save time and frustration with this durable pipe. To order left-hand rotation models not reversible substitute.


Fill and attach an in-line oiler to the air tool. The ring bit is received within the casing shoe and retained at the end of the casing. The perforator pop-off or developing valve opens at approximately 80 to 90 PSI.

These features have More information. The solenoid valve gets a signal from an electronic timer that has a variable frequency set by the ohlte.

Fabrication Facility Holte s fabrication facility and storage in Veneta, Oregon is for custom and retrofit work on drill rigs as well as product testing grounds for our tooling. The perforating wheels caisng easily changed out for replacement or switching between steel and PVC casing.

Higher RPM is available. Pumping Systems, Intensifiers, Gas Boosters and High Pressure Generators High Pressure Equipment Company produces a number of components and systems for general industrial, elevated pressure applications.

The pipe ends are machined with large radiuses, making it easier to plug together.

Casing Perforators

The URE Casing Driver Style is a similar underreaming system, only there is no drive shoe at the bottom to worry about. The quick release hex connection is also available on Holte Reverse Circulation Down Hole Hammers, to easily disassemble hammers in the field. Fishing Jar Accessory Tools Fishing Jar The Gotco Hydraulic Fishing Jar is an easy-to-use accessory tool that assists in various operations such as fishing, testing, coring, reaming, and washover.

Justia Patents Ardis L. Varel International Workover Bits for remedial, re-entry AND frac plug Drilling Applications Varel International offers the industry’s broadest selection of high quality drill bits for remedial, re-entry.


This drives the ring off so the down hole hammer can be removed, leaving only the ring and the casing in the hole. Inclined surfaces cawing the underreaming arms cooperate with the lower end of a casing to contribute to arm retraction prior to removal of the assembly through the casing.


This ring portion of the bit is larger in diameter than the casing and has a smooth round outer surface. One ring nut on each end provides even pressure to caisng packing.

This bit design was developed at Holte Manufacturing while researching faster ways to drill large diameter holes. Perforator Orientation Perforations are made when the tool is moving downward from top to bottom.

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Drive shoe style shown here. Rapid opening and closing is performed with a level collet closer with a leverage. Lifting capacity of the top head bearings are good to 1. Holts Pulleys track a V-type belt at infinitely adjustable itch ratios to provide a variable-speed drive. We have designed and built many custom variations, including a recent design that allows for individual control of multiple, individual chambers within the dual wall pipe, to maximize underwater hammer operation and removal hole cuttings.