Not trying to put you off or anything, just explaining the reality of it all. In the manner of good stuff.. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. During training, operators also must learn a whole raft of rules meant to help them quickly troubleshoot when problems occur. To replace the Hitachis, 58 three-car X’Trapolis were ordered with the first entering service in December It pays well and affords you the benefits of belonging to a union, such as job security and a pension. The customer fetching a hat off the Red Line tracks could prompt this.

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It’s full on and very stressful. In total carriages motor cars and trailer cars, a total of 95 six carriage sets were built by ComengDandenong. So, if you fet a third strike in either any of your theory exams or cobnex you are out of the course and unemployed if you’re lucky you might get a job on the stations or signalling but you can never retake the driving course if you fail.

Retrieved 7 May Relocation assistance Salary packaging Initial provision of temporary accommodation, and Advice on other taxation benefits.

Thanks for the insight on the stages of the bwcome, my family is aware of what is ahead and are supportive.

Connex Melbourne

This is an indication of the level of demand for workers in a particular field. Archived 20 August at the Wayback Machine. On 23 February a computer hacker broke into the gateway used by the SMS system and sent threatening messages to over 10, commuters who had subscribed to the service. The road jump at Charlotte Pass. When the Public Transport Corporation fleet was split, Hillside Trains were allocated 58 three-car Hitachi and 91 three-car Comeng sets.


Connex Melbourne was a train operator in MelbourneAustralia.

Want a career that takes you places?

When one train stops it affects the rest of the line it is on as well as the entire system, since a late train will disrupt connections with other lines. RT class LT4 Just treat it like a school or uni course.

You must be able to work alone for long periods of time, handle emergency situations and think for yourself. Not Helpful 15 Helpful Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Any way one likes, I guess. It’s a great opportunity that you have, so make the most of it and don’t waste it, because as you know only a select few are chosen out of all who applied.

Comeng trains have power operated doors that must be pulled open by hand but are brcome by the driver. Average pay is based on the average annual taxable income for people working in this occupation in Australia. For information on accessibility please navigate to the link in the footer of this page. Light rail and subway heavy rail cknnex begin with the same training and then branch out into knowledge needed for the type of rail they will operate and the line.


That’s OK, they’ll fix the spelling Drives a train to transport passengers and freight on railways. QN31 cement mixer OH overhead wiring train. You should always contact the relevant industry or regulatory body directly for the most detailed and up to date information about the licensing for any occupation. The information in this section is sourced from industry representatives and professional associations.

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You can also find jobs by checking the list published by the U. HD way and works branch HR rolling stock branch. About becomming a Train Driver The information in this section is sourced from industry representatives and professional associations.

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How to Become a Train Driver: 5 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Start off applying for a job driving light rail, or something similar. This was highly controversial as, in previous years, ‘heatwaves’ did not cause train cancellations.